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Group Co., Ltd. held a "three-three real" theme of democratic life


December 25, 2015, Group Co., Ltd. "three strict three" theme of democratic life and "strict use of power" topic the second focused study seminar in the company on the sixth floor conference room. Participate in the meeting of the leadership group members of the Group, the head of the various departments of the company attended the meeting, the provincial SASAC deputy party secretary Chen Lianggui, deputy director of the party to He Xiangyun guidance. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Chen Shihua, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Group.

Chen Shihua secretary first asked the team members, a closely linked to the "three strict three real" theme, closely around the "strict to self-cultivation, strict with power, strict self-discipline, to seek truth, entrepreneurship is real, life must" requirements, In-depth investigation of the problem, to seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, adhere to the truth, correct mistakes, and strive to solve the sluggish self-cultivation, laxity, poor self-discipline, miscarriage of business, entrepreneurship is not real, life is not real problem. Second, we must correct thinking attitude. It is a fine tradition of the Communist Party of China to hold democratic life meetings and carry out inner-party criticism and self-criticism. It is a concentrated examination of each of our team members in party spirit, work style, mind and spirit. Third, straight to the point. The theme of democratic life will mainly talk about problems. In line with the spirit of being highly responsible to the organization and to the comrades, it is straightforward and open-minded to point out concrete problems and deficiencies and make suggestions for improvement. Fourth, we must use good criticism and self-criticism of weapons. Dare to criticize, can not accept criticism, reflecting the party spirit of a party member training, mind realm. Five to talk about democracy and unity. To adhere to frank, objective and dialectical view of the problem, always out of goodwill, out of genuine, sincere to help comrades to find problems, check the cause.

Chen Lianggui, deputy secretary of the four requirements: First, we must attach great importance to test results. The topic of democratic life is to test the "three strict three real" special education an important part of the results. The provincial party committee attaches great importance to the SASAC, led the leadership team, respectively, led to the subject of democratic supervision of corporate life will be to achieve full regulatory coverage, the purpose is to promote the democratic life of enterprises will be orderly, high-quality convened; second to clear the theme straight to the point. Participate in the leadership team members to seriously check and put questions, more talk about the problem, less talk about stereotypes, not around the circle, do not speak grades, not and mud. Third, we must boldly criticize, humbly accept. To carry out criticism and self-criticism is to test the quality of democratic life will be a standard of good or bad, is our party's fine tradition of criticism to seek truth from facts, there are spicy, at the targeted, point to date. Be criticized comrades to be open-minded to accept, so that there is a change, and no increase Mian; four frank meet, utter devotion. Always adhere to democracy and unity, open, open-minded. Through the theme of democratic life, the team members to further strengthen the trust, join hands to promote enterprise development.

Then, Chen Shihua secretary informed the implementation of rectification of the previous year, extensive solicitation of opinions and suggestions, and on behalf of the group leadership and individuals as a control check. Group members of the party committee in the slim one by one, laxity, poor self-discipline, miscarriage of business, business is not real, life is not real aspects of a deep pendulum pendulum, a profound analysis of the causes of the problem and put forward future efforts And rectification measures. We straight to the point, frank exchange, talk about the problem not to avoid contradictions, talk about the problem unflinchingly, criticizing the sore point, sharply, spicy, and further correct the deviation, clear direction.
In his concluding remarks, Deputy Secretary Chen Lianggui pointed out that the preparatory work for the special topic democracy life of the Construction Engineering Group will be fully prepared and the party committees of the Group will attach great importance to it, study contents, sort out problems and write materials. The team and team members of the lax problems of their own existence, abide by party discipline, political rules and organizational discipline issues, the style of thinking and the ability of the quality of the existing problems, from the ideal Beliefs, party spirit, the concept of power and the concept of the interests of moral values ​​and other aspects of the problem, have carried out a careful examination and analysis, identify the essence of the problem, the proposed rectification measures specific, so that really put themselves into; Members of the control check closely theme, team and team members control check closely "three strict three real", strictly in fact find the problem, the cause of the problem is profound, more fully understanding, corrective measures are practical, realistic; Self-criticism straight to the point, frankly. Criticism and self-criticism have been carried out in a down-to-earth manner. Critics have grasped the key and pointed out the key points. They have achieved openness, outspokenness and spicy feelings. The democratic life will reach the goal of thinking and acting on each other and reminding each other. Chen Lianggui, deputy secretary of the work of the next step put forward three points: First, a solid grasp of the democratic life of follow-up work. Focusing on specific issues, detailed measures, a clear rectification time and specific measures to ensure that the rectification to achieve tangible results; the second is a solid grasp the special rectification work. Accurate search, sort out the rectification list, a clear rectification time limit, you can immediately resolve, to establish legislation to change, take some time to be resolved, to develop specific measures for continuous improvement, stipulating the completion time limit; third is a solid grasp of long-term mechanism for special education . To ensure that the "three strict three real" special education perseverance, so that the long-term, normalized.

Secretary Chen Shijun on behalf of the party group and party members of the party secretary Chen Lianggui and his party here to thank the guidance. Chen Shihua, secretary of the Guizhou Construction Group, according to the provincial government on the promotion of state-owned enterprise reform and reform of the relevant requirements and the provincial SASAC three years of reform action plan arrangements, a comprehensive reform of the organizational system, control system reform and adjustment, The Group will be transformed into a clear property rights, reasonable structure, fine management of the enterprise. At the same time that will continue to consolidate the results of special education, the special education to the new normal, consciously put thoughts and actions to the central, provincial and provincial SASAC party spirit, unite and lead the broad masses of cadres and workers for the group's scientific health Sustainable development and make new contributions.

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