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Chen Shihua and his party went to the Greenland Group Hainan Division exchange and communication


On March 18, 2016, under the leadership of Party Secretary and Chairman Chen Shihua, the Group Chief Economist Yuan Defu, Chief Financial Officer Wang Qilai, Secretary of the Board Wang Fang and General Manager Zheng Chong of the Guangzhou Branch went to the Greenland Hainan Branch. Project cooperation matters for communication and communication.
Under the background of deepening the strategic layout of "big finance, big infrastructure and big consumption", Chairman Zhang Yuliang contributed to the development of large infrastructure by real estate. At the same time, he was also in the "Guizhou Construction Engineering Group Three-year plan development program "under the guidance of the Construction Group to seek their own development, bigger and stronger main business, to achieve the inherent requirements of transformation and upgrading.
During the meeting, Huang Gaoshan, General Manager of Hainan Business Department, welcomed the arrival of the board of directors of Shihua and was delighted that Guizhou Construction Group had joined the family of Greenland Group. The two sides were on their current status in the market in Hainan and the development of the exchange and communication. UWCCA chairman said that although the two sides into the market in Hainan is not long, but in their respective areas of expertise to make a good result, the next step should be based on institutional reform and innovation, policy-oriented, integrated advantages of resources , The common development of Hainan real estate and infrastructure industries, the market becomes more efficient high-quality, more sustainable development and achieve mutual win-win situation.
Guizhou Construction and his entourage also visited the "long sea", "green cultural city" and "green city" project under the leadership of Hainan business department.
Through the talks, the two sides in the development of vision, alliance, short board complement each other to form a high degree of agreement and consensus, will make full use of Greenland Group brand, implementation of Zhang Yuliang, chairman of the instructions to jointly develop Hainan infrastructure market, initially identified this year, 20 billion target, which will further pool the strength of all parties to form the development of the superposition and amplification effect.
Greenland Group Hainan Division was established in June 2013, based in Haikou, linkage Sanya, is committed to the development of Hainan Province, focusing on promoting the Lingshan Town Airport City, five sources River Tourism Style Center, Haikou "Arcade Street" historical and cultural district, Sanya Red Including the tourism, tourism, cultural and sports, airport logistics and other industries, covering the promotion of local economic and social development in a number of important areas, is to enhance the quality of urban tourism and cultural, urban commercial level and airport business Atmosphere of the important promoter.

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