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Guizhou Construction Engineering Group arranged the deployment of "two learning one to do" study and education work


In accordance with the arrangements of the Central and provincial Party committee arrangements, April 22 morning, the party group in the group meeting room on the 4th floor of Guizhou Construction Engineering Group, "two learning a do" learning and education work conference, the meeting will be video way. Group leadership group members, the general contracting company leadership team members, the unit belongs to the main party and government leaders, limited company and general contracting company middle level deputy above staff, limited company, general contracting company all party members, housing company, investment company, road and bridge More than 150 members of the leadership team, middle-level cadres and all the party members attended the meeting in the main venue, and more than 500 people attended the meeting at the sub-venues. The meeting was presided over by Cheng Rui, deputy party secretary of the group company.

Cheng Rui, deputy secretary of the first communication to learn the central "two learning a do" learning and education forum and the province's "two learning a do" learning and education work will be the spirit of the deployment. Then, the Group Co., Ltd. general contracting companies, two companies, seven companies, training centers, four units made a speech.

At the meeting, the company party secretary, chairman Chen Shihua made an important speech, he pointed out that the "two learning one to do" study and education is a major decision of the CPC Central Committee, the group must be organized, carried out well, The unity of thinking and understanding to the central and provincial deployment requirements. The whole group should fully understand the great significance of carrying out the "two learning and one doing" study and education, deeply comprehend the central government's notice on the study and education of the "two learnings and one doing", and the Provincial Party Committee held the spirit of the "two learnings and one learning" , A clear "two learning a do" learning objectives and tasks, firmly grasp the five basic principles. We should try our best to solve some problems such as the ambiguity of party members' ideals and beliefs, the dilution of the party's consciousness, the weak concept of the purpose, the problem of lack of energy, the problem of ethical misconduct, the construction of party style and clean government, Outstanding aspects of the problem.

Chen Shihua stressed that the study of party rules and regulations, the main purpose is that the rules, rules can only be strong base; school series of speech, the main purpose is to understand the rationale, can only cast the soul, to do qualified party members, the main purpose is to do. All party members and cadres should follow the guidance of the Party Constitution and always follow the new requirements of the party and state undertakings for party members, persist in "four stresses and four have", strive for "five vanguard", further strengthen ideals and convictions, consciousness. Party committees (general branch, branch) to organize special study, through the combination of internal and external publicity, do a good job "two learning a do" regular sex education. Each party branch should develop a specific learning plan to meet the learning requirements of party members, so that full coverage. Expand the content of learning to focus on doing a good job with the combination of learning content with the provincial government important strategic plan to combine with the company's reform and development, production management and other work together, so that learning to use, learn with each other. All Party branches should convene a meeting of all party members and focus on "six cans" to earnestly conduct thematic discussions. Party branches should organize thematic organization and life meetings. Party branches and their members should conduct party-spirit analysis in accordance with their functions and responsibilities, and find out problems in thinking, organization, style and discipline. We should extensively solicit opinions from Party members and the masses, conduct criticism and self-criticism seriously, and put forward corrective measures against outstanding problems and weak links. All units should take the Party branch as a unit, organize party members to carry out democratic appraisal. Party members in accordance with the standard, according to personal self-assessment, mutual evaluation of party members, democratic evaluation, organizational evaluation procedures for party members to review.

Chen Shihua asked to strengthen leadership, responsibility, to ensure that "two learning a do" learning and education to achieve tangible results. Party branch (branch, branch) secretary to assume the main responsibility, layers of transmission pressure, strictly do a good job of learning and education; to strengthen the weak and lax grass-roots party organizations, improve the work system, ensure " We should attach importance to the use of various means of publicity, and actively guide the diversification of learning needs of party members to expand the coverage of learning and education to strengthen the guidance of public opinion, to create a good one, to promote the education of the party members to participate in learning; Atmosphere. Party committees at all levels (general branch, branch) to grasp the characteristics of learning and education, in close connection with the actual work, according to the different conditions of party members put forward specific requirements. We should adhere to the principle of "grasping with both hands, not mistakenly promoting the two" to carry out learning and education to promote the work to the actual results of the work of learning the results of educational tests.

Finally, Cheng Rui, deputy secretary of the concluding remarks. He pointed out that the party secretary, chairman Chen Shihua's important speech not only fully implemented the central and provincial arrangements for the deployment, but also closely integrated with the current development of the Group, the Group carried out a solid "two learning one to do" learning education made clear requirements, Has a strong ideological, guiding, targeted and operational. All units and departments should profoundly grasp and seriously study and implement the work.

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Committee, the provincial party committee and the group meeting, to promote the Group "two learning a do" to carry out a solid education, Cheng Rui stressed five points: First, insist on integration, lay the "learning" the foundation. It is important to unite the "Party Rules and Regulations" and the "Speeches Series" to distinguish the "learning of all Party members" from that of "leading cadres" and the integration of "learning in" and "putting in". Second, adhere to the unity of knowledge and practice, to "do" the key. Clear eligibility criteria for party members, empathy, advanced learning, tree typical, in order to promote the work. Third, adhere to the problem-oriented, closely "change" the focus. To highlight the problem-oriented, learn to take the problem of learning, to do to address the problem, combined with their own reality to identify problems, analyze problems and solve problems throughout, so learn to change, that is known to change. Fourth, adhere to the classification guidance, the implementation of "quasi" this requirement. From the reality, adhere to the classification guide, engage in "precision drip", not to engage in "flood irrigation" to prevent the one size fits all, a pot. Five is to adhere to the above rate, reflecting the "band" this method. Adhere to the leadership to lead the above rate, the Group to promote the "two learning a do" to carry out a solid education.

The convening of the meeting is to strengthen the party's ideological and political construction of a major deployment, is to promote a comprehensive and strict control of the party to the grassroots extension of a strong starting point. Further promote the party's organizational life and education and management of party members Yan up, and further stimulate the sense of responsibility of the majority of Communist Party members of the sense of mission and sense of responsibility, Sense of urgency. Through the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members, all workers will be encouraged to strengthen their confidence, work hard and work hard to achieve the good start of the "thirteen five-year plan" and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

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