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China 's need to promote energy - saving emission reduction to vigorously develop green building


Although the total area of ​​China's public buildings in all existing buildings accounted for is not high, but its energy consumption value is particularly prominent. Qinghai, Yunnan and Shandong Tai'an to strengthen the supervision of public building energy consumption or through the implementation of policies and regulations to enhance the efficiency of public buildings energy consumption, for the cause of building energy conservation steadily to achieve harmony and human settlements and social resources and energy sustainable development plays a decisive role .

Qinghai large-scale public construction monitoring through pre-acceptance

After the expert group site investigation and serious discussion, Qinghai office building and large public buildings energy monitoring project recently passed the pre-acceptance. The monitoring platform can realize dynamic monitoring and effective analysis of building energy consumption and propose corresponding energy saving measures and improvement schemes.

In May 2014, Qinghai Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Construction commissioned the Qinghai Institute of Architectural Technology to undertake the construction of the second phase of the energy consumption monitoring project of state office buildings and large public buildings in Qinghai Province. The main contents of the project include increasing the original provincial office buildings and large public buildings energy monitoring platform monitoring the number of buildings, the establishment of Xining City and Haidong City office buildings and large public buildings energy monitoring data display platform and the 200 Building public buildings to install sub-equipment and so on.

This year in May, the project completed all the measurement equipment installation, data transmission and platform testing work to complete the 243 buildings, 3028 nodes of energy consumption data monitoring, than the original implementation of an increase of 43 buildings, 528 nodes. According to the relevant person in charge, through a period of energy data accumulation, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Construction will be the province's public building energy consumption system analysis and diagnosis, compared with similar building energy consumption, to help owners of building units tap energy-saving potential , Through the implementation of energy-saving to achieve energy-saving purposes, and continuously improve the state organs of Qinghai Province, office buildings and public buildings, energy-saving operation and management level. And the pre-acceptance marks the province's building energy monitoring platform to meet the country's final acceptance ready, and initially established throughout the province's state organs office buildings and large public building energy consumption monitoring system to informatization , Intelligent tools for the support of building energy management foundation database. Through energy consumption statistics, energy auditing, energy efficiency publicity, energy use quota and other systems, to promote the state office buildings and large public buildings to improve the level of energy-saving operation and management, reduce building energy consumption for energy-saving emission reduction projects in Qinghai Province.

Yunnan to build green energy - saving city

"The CPC Yunnan Provincial People's Government of Yunnan Province on the further strengthening of urban planning and construction management of the implementation of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") recently introduced the province to implement the "applicable, economic, green and beautiful" building policy, Strengthen the public buildings energy-saving effect of landing, to achieve urban housing and green energy-saving facilities, people living environment to effectively improve the goal.

"Opinions" clear that by 2020, Yunnan Province, green building accounts for more than 50% of new construction, by vigorously developing green building, the implementation of urban energy-saving projects, expand the scope of renewable energy use, and promote green energy-saving city construction. New public buildings such as airports, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings and other large public buildings with the construction area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters are required to be built, renovated and expanded, and the state organs such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, museums, museums, science and technology museums and gymnasiums. Implementation of green building standards. At the same time, Yunnan Province, the green building standards will be incorporated into the urban planning management and construction unit construction plans review, requiring the application of green building materials ratio.

To strengthen the new building energy efficiency management, Yunnan will implement a comprehensive energy-saving building energy efficiency evaluation system, the housing heating, air conditioning, lighting, power, hot water and other energy consumption into energy-saving management, energy efficiency standards, renewable energy, Record content, to ensure that the new building in accordance with the provisions of policies and norms and standards for construction. Combined with the characteristics of climate diversity, Yunnan Province will strengthen the city's winter heating heating energy-saving technology research and development and application, according to local conditions, choose heating heating energy-saving way. On the basis of carrying out survey on energy efficiency of existing buildings, the organization will carry out pilot projects on energy conservation retrofitting of existing buildings to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. By 2020, Yunnan Province, the province's construction unit of the actual floor area of ​​the actual energy consumption is lower than the national average, built a certain scale of energy-saving rate of 80% to 90% of ultra-low energy consumption boutique demonstration buildings.

In addition, Yunnan will give full play to solar energy, water and other clean energy advantages, and vigorously promote the application of renewable energy technologies, new buildings and existing building energy-saving preferred solar, hydro and other clean energy. Strict implementation of civil building energy efficiency design standards, comprehensively promote the renewable energy facilities and the main building synchronization design, simultaneous construction, simultaneous acceptance.

Tai'an to strengthen public building energy - saving monitoring

Recently, Taian City, Shandong Province, through the form of government procurement to determine the professional company of public building energy-saving monitoring system maintenance management to further improve the efficiency and ensure the normal operation of the system and the normal data upload.

As the public building energy-saving monitoring system to maintain professional, technical, professional technicians need to carry out maintenance and upgrading management, so the local public procurement through the form of professional companies to determine the maintenance of energy-saving monitoring system management, clear the rights and obligations of both sides, professional The company is mainly responsible for municipal data center technical services, data upload (provincial platform) operation and maintenance technical services, equipment room equipment maintenance and technical services, data center operation and maintenance technical services, the central platform and subsystem maintenance technology services. For the individual system data is not timely and inaccurate upload, maintenance personnel on a regular basis to its maintenance debugging, weekly reporting to the center platform, the system operation feedback form. At present, the overall monitoring platform system is running well.

Public building energy-saving monitoring system is through the state organs office buildings and large public buildings installation classification and energy consumption measurement devices, the use of remote transmission and other means of timely collection of energy data to achieve the key building energy consumption on-line monitoring and dynamic analysis function Hardware systems and software systems collectively. Over the years, Tai'an City has always attached great importance to public building energy-saving monitoring system construction, and in 2013 investment in the construction of the Municipal Public Building Energy Management Information Center platform monitoring system in Tai'an City, state organs office buildings and large public building installation subsystem, Will be energy consumption monitoring and data uploaded to the Provincial Public Building Energy Conservation Monitoring Center. At present, the city has installed 32 monitoring subsystems.

The local will take a variety of ways to strengthen the building energy-saving monitoring system management, strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen the operation and maintenance management, increase the monitoring data applications, increase publicity, strengthen law enforcement inspection and enhance the subsystems related units and supervision and guidance, Improve the degree of attention to this work, improve system quality, building "reliable data, stable operation, application of high efficiency," the public building energy-saving monitoring platform.

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