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The Ministry of Construction to adjust the construction enterprise qualification standards or 5-8 years after the abolition of classification qualification


Ministry of Construction to adjust the qualification standards of construction enterprises, or for the 5-8 years after the abolition of grading qualification, the implementation of "building construction permit" to pave the way.

Then we come to the analysis, the state in the end why the adjustment of construction industry qualification standards part of the indicators?

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction to adjust the qualification standards of construction enterprises, or 5-8 years after the abolition of classification qualification

1, for 5-8 years after the abolition of construction enterprises or classification of qualifications, the implementation of "construction permits" do pave the way for management

Article 13 of the Construction Law of the People's Republic of China "The construction enterprises, surveying units, design units and engineering supervision units engaged in construction activities shall, in accordance with the registered capital, professional technicians, technical equipment and completed construction achievements And other qualifications, divided into different qualification levels, qualified qualification examination, to obtain the appropriate level of qualification certificate, before their qualifications in the context of permission to engage in construction activities. "For the current construction enterprise qualification grading system laid the law , While the 86 Opinion is intended to abolish the grading of the various indicators.

For decades, in the market access, our country has been implemented is the enterprise qualification management system, the Government according to the classification index to verify the enterprise qualification level, and enterprises can only in the qualification level permission within the scope of business activities. For the production and business activities, the Government will strictly supervise the illegal enterprises, according to the law to be punished. As for the individual's ability to practice, the level and accountability of the practice, then by the enterprise.

Under the planned economy system, this management system is undoubtedly the social cost is very low and effective system. However, under the market economy, this not only restricts the development of small and medium enterprises, inhibit the full market competition, but also affected the sustainable development of the construction industry talent.

Throughout the world, all countries in the implementation of market economic system, almost no unit qualification management system, but by the government directly to the implementation of personal supervision, the implementation of market economy and adapt to the individual qualification system.

The 86 letter of opinion conforms to the country's decentralization of decentralization, intended to cancel the construction enterprise classification step closer, the implementation of "building construction permit" management, so as to promote the construction industry planned economy to accelerate the transition to a market economy, so that small and medium-sized building Enterprises to fully participate in market competition.

At the same time dilute the qualifications of enterprises, strengthen the personal qualifications, the importance of the construction division more and more prominent, the construction division will gradually transition to a partner for the construction of enterprises, and further activate the market vitality, leading to increased demand for industry talent, industry management and technology The quality of talent will put forward higher requirements.

Of course, to implement this letter of advice, we must modify the current conflict with the construction law which, according to China 's national conditions, amendments to the Construction Law Ordinance requires at least 5-8 years. So the adjustment can be seen as 5-8 years after the abolition of construction enterprises or classification of qualifications, the implementation of "building construction permit" management pave the way to do.

2, to further activate the market vitality, and promote the healthy development of the market, fully competitive.

At present, the enterprise qualification level as the level of ability to complete the project business, specifically engaged in construction activities of the individual behavior regulation weakness, the construction market, generally linked to a number of qualifications and other issues will be solved, the role of qualification in the market greatly reduced, further The activation of market vitality, the number of construction enterprises will be soaring, small and medium enterprises can also participate in the industry will show a "hundred flowers blossom" scene.

The 18th National Congress clearly put forward to make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, China's economy is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading of the release of social vitality, we must remove the unnecessary regulation, the market play the role of survival of the fittest, making the market fully competitive .

What are the implications for the construction industry?

1. Full market competition

According to the interpretation of document 86, 5-8 years after the abolition of construction enterprises or classification of qualifications, the lower the cost of maintaining qualifications, business qualification will be reduced, there is a certain strength of the project manager will apply for their qualifications and take the self-road. Construction division anchored will gradually transition to construction enterprise partnership.

In addition, the construction enterprises to implement "building construction permit" management, the number of enterprises will increase substantially, SMEs are expected to compete, the market will release more space, the industry will be more fully competitive, industry management and technical personnel quality will Put forward higher requirements, the future competition from qualified competition into talent competition, in fact, the number of licensed personnel to compete for the implementation of the certificate for the purpose of the demand will appear blowout.

2. dilute the enterprise qualification management, strengthen the personal qualification management, to promote full certification.

The adjustment of policy orientation clear to focus on qualification into a focus on the project itself, supervision, qualification in the market to reduce the role. In particular, the "dynamic qualification verification" the full implementation of the certificate needs from the original needs of the enterprise qualification into the matter afterwards, and through the horizontal Internet, vertical interoperability of the "Siku a platform" check and verify the certificate directly linked to all projects, There is no card, not permit the construction company will not receive the project, or can not "dynamic qualification verification", the real implementation of the "five-party main body of life-long responsibility system."

3. In the short term, the demand for the construction of the project will be greatly reduced, but the shortage of the project will need to be supplemented.

But the survival and operation of enterprises need to take the project, you must use the registered construction division certificate, with the enterprise to cultivate skilled engineering and technical personnel, and the construction of the enterprise certification requirements, The pressure of management of certified staff increased, forcing the real undocumented project manager, title officers, the certificate holders of the site management, skilled workers research, rigid demand has been released again, the builder certificate gold content will be higher.

What are the implications for practitioners?

1. Individual qualifications and ability will be more attention, enterprises will also pay more attention to the needs of personnel and training.

One card is the future development trend of the construction industry, the project manager will certainly be an unprecedented priority, pay will be a corresponding increase, the real ability, qualified construction division more attention. The new regulations will not only adversely affect the real construction division, but will highlight their role, but also motivate more people want to join the construction division team, resulting in the number of potential architects of the examination has remained high.

2. Certificate of gold content upgrade.

Construction division certificate not only become a qualification, but also to stimulate practitioners in order to prove themselves, boosting the cause, with a large number of project manager qualification research, including the project manager, including Party A project management personnel, third-party consultants, industry Supervisors and personnel planning to enter the construction industry and other non-practicing (registered) construction division, the title of staff, holding the certificate of the site management staff, etc., research needs growth, construction certificate will become more tight, gold will be more high.

All in all, for the construction enterprise qualification standards part of the adjustment of indicators, on the one hand, not only for the 5-8 years after the abolition of construction enterprises and the implementation of the classification of "construction permit" management lay the foundation, more able to release the industry development vitality, Certification, full competition; the other hand, personal qualifications and ability will be more attention, the certificate of the gold content is higher and higher, the certificate needs will continue to expand. Xue Sen remind you, according to the current policy guidelines, the construction division examination will be more and more heat, competition will be more intense, students or potential to carefully study, as long as you are talent will be respected and reflect your value!

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