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Jiangsu: Accelerate the construction of underground comprehensive corridor pilot


The construction of the underground comprehensive corridor is an important direction to fill the urban underground infrastructure short board, which is conducive to the security of the city, perfecting the city function, beautifying the urban landscape, promoting the intensive and efficient development of the city, and improving the urban comprehensive carrying capacity and urbanization Development of quality, is conducive to increasing the effective investment of public goods, stimulating social capital investment, create a new impetus to economic development. To speed up the construction of urban underground comprehensive corridor, Jiangsu Province from the beginning of this year to carry out the construction of provincial pilot cities to pilot demonstration, driving around the full implementation of the Corridor.

Nanjing, Lianyungang, Xinyi and Lianshui were selected as the first batch of underground integrated pipelines provincial pilot cities after preliminary declaration, pre-qualification, competitive evaluation and publicity.

In order to speed up the construction of pilot cities, Jiangsu Provincial Housing Urban and Rural Construction Department in August 23 to 26, organized the first batch of experts on the provincial pilot city construction site research and guidance. Chen Haodong, deputy director of the relevant research activities.

On the basis of briefing on the work of the pilot cities and on-the-spot review of the progress of the project, the research group focused on the problems of the special planning, the problems and difficulties in the pilot work, the next work plan, etc., and the pilot cities The competent authorities to carry out in-depth exchanges, field guidance of the pilot cities to do the work.

Chen Haodong in Nanjing research activities, stressed the need to give full play to the comprehensive benefits of underground integrated corridor, and actively explore new concepts such as the sponge city combined to promote the modernization of the construction industry applied to the gallery project, and firmly seize the national support The construction of the policy window window, accelerate the pilot project construction, and strive to create a green, low-carbon, eco-underground integrated corridor system to improve the city's comprehensive carrying capacity.

And asked the pilot cities to strengthen the organization and coordination, city and county linkage, division of labor, speed up the improvement of policy safeguards, study and formulate the operation and management of corridor management and paid use of management methods, in accordance with the principle of actively advance the pipeline, And effectively strengthen the coordination with other underground construction.

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